Kahri 1k – “Fort Night” (Video)

After “When They See Us,” new artist, Kahri 1k, returned Friday (April 24) with another must-see visual “Fort Night.”

A part of his trailblazing campaign, Kahri 1k continues to rampage through today’s Hip Hop with his popular street-smart, slick, witty raps and consistent hit factor, respectively. Uprising among the pack of new sensations, Kahri 1k’s rambunctious presence is undeniable, as he explains:

“This song was an opportunity for me to show my fans how creative I can get. When we connected with Chris for the video treatment bringing the older and younger generations together was a goal of ours. That’s why we decided to include the “pulling drive-bys” scene with Caine and Ronnie from Menace II Society in the beginning. You pair that with something as popular as Fornite and everything comes together smoothly. I don’t play the game as much as I used to, but I’ll pick up the stick every now and then.”

“Fort Night” is the third single off his The Ghost of Pecan Acres album. On Heir Wave, the album features Quando Rondo and Yung Bleu. Follow Kahri 1k journey on Twitter. Chris Thomas directs.

Watch it now.