[New] Chaca FAMBINO Murphy “The God Father Of Hoodpranks”

Chaca Fambino Murphy is from the streets of NYC, for him nothing didn’t come easy, his ambition to always be great at whatever he has done pushed him to become the Businessman he is today,

his career started off with a Bang, fambino Signed his first Deal with a&m records in 1993 under Babalu Bad boys with his partner seandu, Fambino was fortunate to collect some funds from his situation and invest into a hip hop restaraunt called Mo Burgers ya hip hop spot on 227 and 228 and laconia ave acr6 the street from Edenwald projects,

Later in his years he was introduced to Mark K. Buddington the film director and made his appearance in his feature film called From Scratch Part 2,

Born Ready in the year 2009 Fambino introduced the world to his versatility of pranks , by pranking all the gangsters, tough guys, and other pranksters in the NYC Tri state area, this personal Project lead him to be the Biggest Prankster and put him in a situation to Land a movie deal titled as HOODPRANKS THE MOVIE which is now set to release at www.hoodpranks.com for everyone’s viewing pleasure on Monday, April 27, 2020.

As the next wave of urban comedy, HoodPranks The Movie is a multi format film consisting of pranks, skits, and stand up comedy. Film writer and creator, Fambino Murphy, who along with his cast of cohorts, take to the streets to deliver eleven (11) jaw-dropping scenes. The outrageous pranks are aimed at the urban community’s most notoriously known tough guys who now become unsuspecting victims and the outcomes are hilarious!

Fambino Sign Mark K. Buddington (Money Mark) to shoot and Co Direct “HoodPranks The Movie” in its entirety with hidden cameras. “Filming this movie provided an unusual and challenging approach, but working on this project was fun and worth it,” states Mark.

Platinum hip-hop artist, Maino, who is also a co-star in the movie says, “HoodPranks is a great concept that gives the viewing audience a chance to see that the hood has a sense of humor. It shows the flip side of the hood and connects those not in tune with the urban community.” Maino also leads the film’s soundtrack with hip-hop single, “We did it for the hood.”

Hip-Hop hall of famer, Erick Sermon also makes a guest appearance in the film. “Bringing laughter to the urban community during this time is extremely

Fambino would later receive financial help from Larry Meistrich who Signed the film to Digi Next Films with Distribution with AMC Theatres

“There’s something both cringe-worthy and hilarious about the movie that will keep viewers tuned in for more,” states Larry Meistrich, Executive Producer.

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The film is available for rent or purchase at www.hoodpranks.com

$8.99 to rent the film.
$14.99 to purchase the film with soundtrack.
Here CheckOut the Trailer