FIFTH – “One Years Old”

Cliff Henderson V, better known as the recording artist FIFTH, an emerging Bay Area star with a stylish R&B soul-meets-Hip Hop sound. Preparing to make a name from himself in an unstable music climate, we receive the first outing in the debut called “One Years Old”.

A seven-track project. We explore the upbringing of the Bay Area-native which includes religion, street life, family and much more. It features his previous and new fan-favorite release, “Cost of Doin’ Business”. FIFTH style is often reckless as a new artist finding his way but also shows glimpses of brilliance, energetic and wit throughout the first impression. The project is a great incentive to follow more of FIFTH’s story on Instagram.

FIFTH’s debut album, One Years Old depicts the story of starting life from day one. FIFTH walks us through the journey of his childhood living the life he was told was true all the way up to living the life that he learned to be his true reality. Learning from the beginning, understanding the facts, and building the foundation he needs to take on the world – something like being “One Years Old”. Stream it now on Soundcloud.