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Damage TV

DENT damage entertainmnent netwerk television is a digital TV network created by David Indikator Fuller of Damage Entertainmnent, LLC. Damage TV began as an outlet to promote his flagship tv show, Enter The Zone, which premiered in August 2005. Since that time, as the technology changed, so did the goal. Damage TV went live in January 2015 and featured Enter The Zone TV as well as video shows, Island Flavors and Street Sounds Video, both produces by Mike Braxton of Get Money Filmz.

Other shows on the network include, The Business, where the entrepreneurs are the stars, Real Education Television (R.Ed.TV) where education and classroom instruction are the focus. That show is hosted and executive produced by Dr. R. A. Slaughter PhD and Bookstore TV, a tv show for authors and writers, hosted and executive produced by Dr. R.A. Slaughter and DAVID Indikator Fuller. The show was inspired by Pulitzer Prize winner, Charles Fuller.

There is also movie channel that features independent film shorts as well as other programming. The network and it’s shows have been featured on Comcast, Verizon, Dish, DirecTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Prime as well as television stations WWJT TV, WMCN 44 and WACP TV4. We are looking to add other content creators and shows to the network this year. We can be contacted via social media links as well as DENTDamage.TV@gmail.com.

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