[Single] Troop DZA – “Let’s Be FR” | @troopsc

In most relationships you always hear how the woman is the one who looks for something, real and official. Life when it comes to her significant other is not what she expected to be. What happens when the tables are turned, and the man is the one wanting something for real?

To find out The Grynd Report landed in Spartanburg, SC and found an artist named Troop DZA, who linked up with producer YZ for his new Single “Let’s Be FR”. FR in his single means “For Real” and DZA keeps it raw by asking the woman he is with Let’s Keep it real.

Speaking on issues with cheating, honesty, what was before verses what is now. “Let’s Be FR” gets straight to the point although you were his world Troop DZA knows his worth.

“Let’s Be FR” is the answer to the question, are there real men who want a real woman. Troop DZA made something men can use to communicate when they cannot find the words. But regardless how the conversation starts the goal is “Let’s Be FR” (For Real).

Listen to Troop DZA “Let’s Be FR” off DZA SZN 2 on all platforms

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