Azrael DiCaprio drops “The White Rose Project” & Aims to Make His Mark in Hip-Hop! @AzraelDicaprio

With so many music fans checking out new artist due to this Quarantine period, now a new project is out that has been recommended by many. Known in the past to many as Death Davinci, Azrael DiCaprio opens many up to his life with the release of his highly anticipated “The White Rose Project”. Representing Raw Deal Squad Entertainment “The White Rose Project” was mostly produced by Dre Flow but also have some cuts from DJ Fes One.

Since becoming Azrael DiCaprio a lot as change as he is in a new phase of his life and this album shows that. From becoming a father and raising a daughter along with dealing with Cerebral Palsy in his day to day life, Azrael DiCaprio is letting nothing stop him. You can hear his joy of being a Father on “Raye of Light” to spitting some hot bars on the fan favorite “The Ballad of Detroit Red”. Check out the new project below now available on all digital platforms.

Twitter/IG @AzraelDicaprio