Playa Pat -“Trap Blessed”

This past week Florida rapper Playa Pat brought out Rob49 just weeks after the New Orleans sensation’s nearly fatal shooting.

Performing in front of a sold-out crowd, Playa Pat and Rob49 entertained the fans from across the Emerald Coast in what was Playa Pat’s breakout hometown show.

Playa Pat hosted his sold-out concert just days ahead of the release of his own debut single and video release, “Trap Blessed.” Pat has made a name for himself in the streets of Pensacola after he’s been seen stunting through the streets in a bright green Lamborghini.

“Ain’t nobody really famous from here in the rap industry. You have athletes like Emmitt Smith, WWE’s Roman Reigns and the boxer Roy Jones, but they’re kinda it. There’s some new ones that went in the NFL, but I’m the first one in history to bring a Lamborghini to the city.”

You can’t tell Playa Pat anything right now, his buzz in his state is growing well beyond what he had imagined as a kid growing up, listening to rap music.

“I’ve been liking music since the jit, like since real young type shit. Even before since I was a teenager I used to be listening to sh*t,” Playa Pat said. “I used to listen to Lil Boosie and sh*t from New Orleans and Texas. Then it graduated to Future and listening to other stuff.”

When asked about his sound and how he’s putting together new music Playa Pat explained he has lots of music on deck.

“Me and my boy Dollah Dae are trying to put it together and there’s a bunch of stuff that I’m ready to put out and shoot.”  Playa Pat said. “I get a good response, people say I’m turnt and I go hard, but I had this lil birthday bash that I put together and it was completely sold out, that showed me they know what’s up.”

Bringing a motivational sound that resonates with the streets and hustlers across the world, Playa Pat knows his audience and what they want to hear.

“It’s a lot that separates me from everyone else,” Playa Pat said. “This music gonna motivate you, this gonna motivate you to go get some sh*t you want in life. Motivational, like coming from where I’m from, like I told you how I’m coming, to the new artists you actually motivate me, lil artists that turnt right now. They make me want to go harder to keep the motivation.”

Just based off his look and charisma alone, locals, friends, and families have urged Playa Pat to rap for years. Carrying a “playa” vibe that earned him his moniker when he was just 10 years old, Playa Pat has always had a quiet confidence that gained him attention and notoriety.

“Playa just ain’t bout the females, you just gotta have you the playa ways type shit. Certain types of situations I call that playa. I’m gonna teach them about that definition,” Playa Pat said.