LA-based artist UCH3NNA has proven his musical ingenuity by being able to always switch up styles and still deliver imposing sounds. An artist, producer, and intermittent rapper, he is part of the new breed who are making American music sound less monotonous. Although UCH3NNA has just recently broken out from the LA moonlighting, his songs such as “Hate” or “Antidote” have clearly made a way for his fast-rising fame in genres like; Hip Hop, R&B and Rock.

At the age of eleven, UCH3NNA began making music in the comfort of his home with the help of the popular DAW Fruity Loops”. His journey set off to an unexpected start after his neighbor’s dad (who was a producer then) introduced both of them to music production. Living in Columbus, Ohio at that time, the prodigy was influenced by renowned rappers “Kanye West” and “Lil Wayne,” along with some of America’s R&B favorites. In 2021, UCH3NNA began to release his own singles and became a popular voice in his hometown for his musical diversity when it comes to switching styles. He has worked with several artists, producing music that is crossing boundaries and influencing other emerging artists in LA where he resides now. His most recent single titled “Fake” which was released back in
October 2022 is one of his latest beseeching displays.

Fake is probably the baton for artist UCH3NNA’s versatile style. Having been comfortable in the genres of Hip Hop and R&B for a while, the talented artist makes an epic arrival on the Rock scene through this single. Gentle guitar riffs lead into the song with an epic sound of the electrifying piano melody. Suddenly, UCH3NNA doesn’t seem to be in a rush to serve bars on this tune but rather comes in with a slow and rising intro. A story about heartbreaks, the single Fake highlights the line between being torn among Real love and Fake love. Together with his outstanding production skills, the gifted LA artist solely penned the lyrics of this song. It is also proof that he is no less tough just because his previous singles strike softer than this number. In addition to the great orchestral sound, UCH3NNA is cleaning up his discography with a diversity of tracks that will be enjoyed by many melomaniacs in years to come. His message is all about the realities of life, friendships, and looking towards positivity in life. One cannot argue with the fact that artist UCH3NNA is currently influencing the sound in LA.
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