New South Florida Favorite TE$LA Is Leaving His Impact On The Hip Hop Community

TE$LA is a hip-hop artist from Broward County Fl and he has really started leaving his imprint throughout the South Florida music scene. TE$LA’s style meshes a gritty blend of new school beats with relentless old school lyricism that’s already proven to have his home of Broward County buzzing. With influences from J Cole, Drake, Tupac, Big L, Mac Miller and so many more, it’s easy to see how he created a unique brand that truly represents him. One of the best examples of his style is his recently debuted music video for his track “Kitchen” off his new album Bamboozled. You can find the video here:

Not only does his music stand out and has helped him into the position he is in today but what really kickstarted his career is his relentless work ethic and his musical ability. TE$LA has repeatedly proven that skill by showing he can successfully step out of his comfort zone to paint a relatable picture through his lyrics for his audience. This is on full display with every new track he releases or any project he is featured on. While his passion is music and he has his sights focused on the goals he wants to accomplish, what inspires TE$LA the most is when he sees how his music is connecting with the people, which is exemplified every time the crowd comes up to him after a show or when his fans reach out to him online.

That passion and love for music seems to be effective as it’s evident with the big names he’s worked with such as award-winning engineer/producer Noc, opening for HI-REZ, opening for Big Redd and even signed to management with Broward County music label HomeTownHustle. It’s not hard to tell that this is an artist to keep your eye on throughout the years ahead. Make sure you’re on the lookout for his new releases, follow him on Instagram @Tesla_hth and stream TE$LA’s album Bamboozled anywhere music is streamed or sold.

Instagram: Tesla_hth
Twitter: @Tesla_hth
Youtube: TESLA954