Idiot Jerk Teams With DJ Scope & DJ Lazy K For New LP ‘No Leaks No Spills’

Connecticut recording artist Idiot Jerk has been on run lately as he tells his rollercoaster life story in the music, which his fanbase has been gravitating to, organically. After a string of hot songs, he links up with top-tier DJs in DJ Scope and Lazy K for his capitalizing new project, titled No Leaks, No Spills. The 15-track project reflects on trauma, choices, and greatness while Jerk is transparent, authentic, and impressive with every word that comes out of his mouth. He has been through it all and seen it all, which he shares throughout the project.

Featuring Sonn of Sam, Jerk’s showcases his best work on undeniable tracks like “A-Likes,” “War Scars,” and the previously released “Bring’Em Home.” Lazy K and Scope support the project with energetic ad-libs, rally cries, and attention on socials. The trinity is a perfect fit for the rising star as he climbs the ladder to mainstream awareness.

Jerk, Scope, and Lazy K’s connection goes deeper then the new project. It originally originates before Jerk formed his label, Mr Hold Water Music Group, he explained:

“So before there was ever a Mr Hold Water Music Group there was Idiot Jerk from ShourSquad Entertainment which was a independent music label that was ran by platinum p who introduced me to DJ Lazy K and DJ Scope.”

Jerk has received a lot of support in anticipation for the release and he showed appreciation for the love on social media.

He wrote: “Shouts outs to everybody who been showing love!!! Also shouts out to all my day 1 Fans who been wanting to hear a real solid Project from me!!!! Just know this is only a start to a new beginning!!! I put a lot of Time, Money, and Energy into this project it took a long time to drop but bare with me as I continue to figure out the ‘Formula.’ ‘I’M A INDEPENDENT ARTIST WHO WORKS FOR NOBODY!!!!!!’ So my task and goals are different from your usual artist!!! Im from Hartford Ct and I came to Bogart the industry for my state to be respected all over the world!!! So it would be greatly appreciated if you go Download the project, Stream the project and MAKE A PURCHASE!!!! “I can’t lie I got real mouths to feed” so breaking bread is greatly Appreciated!!!!”

A must-hear project, available now via Mr. Hold Water Music Group, Idiot Jerk’s latest release follows a trio of great appetizers in “Men of Honor,” “Bring’em Home,” and “600 Bars” — all available on all streaming platforms. The latest album is merely a prelude to more to come from the reformed artist as he plans more new music, music video, and, of course, an upcoming full-length album. Press play and it is promised you will become a fan of the emerging artist, instantly.

Stream No Leaks, No Spills, below, and for more on Idiot Jerk, watch his music videos, here, and follow him on social media.