Hosford – PPTP

East Coast artist Hosford takes music career 
to the next level with new single ‘PPTP’ 

CAPE MAY COUNTY, NJ – An inspiration for a hit song may sometimes come from the most unusual places That’s the case for the new track from East Coast artist HosfordWhile working out with his stepfather one day, he was hit with a flash of insight. The two were drinking protein shakes. His stepfather was a tattoo and piercing artist. The idea for the hook to a song about Protein, Piercings, Tattoos and Pussy came to him, and almost immediately was accompanied by a beat in his head. He contacted his friend and fellow musician Shirea and the two put together “PPTP” in next to no time. 

Today, that single is making the rounds along the East Coast and has primed this veteran musician for bigger things in front of a global audience. Having performed live thousands of times all up and down the East Coast for the better part of the past decade, Hosford has finally decided to record some of the originals he’s written along the way. “PPTP” is just one of many that he’s hoping to share with the world in the coming months, each of which will feature his unique sound and style. 

“It’s hard to tie my sound to any one genre,” Hosford said. “I’m inspired by all the greats in Hip Hop like Wiz Kahlifa or Tupac or Big L or Eminem or Jay-Z. But I also love artists like Ed Sheeran or Rock bands like Creed. I’ve been working with guitarist, Shane Prusinski, on some of my songs, and he’s really into Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. So my sound really has a mixture of genres on the instrumental, and it’s just something different.” 

Hosford said he was first introduced to music as a child when he watched his father as a drummer for many years. When he was 16, his mother purchased him some recording equipment, and he hasn’t looked back since. He’s developed his sound into something more mature and high quality along the way, and today, his goal is to leave records that are timeless and last forever.  

“I want to leave behind a legacy that people will remember,” he said. “I want to come in and inspire people. I want to help them to have persistence and never give up. That’s my attitude as an artist – I never give up. I want to leave behind records that move people and help people and make them feel good when they listen to them – whether it’s a party track or emotional or about a family or even a sad track. We’re human beings. We’re emotional. And I want to make music that caters to that.” 



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“PPTP Featuring Shirea