DJ Young: And The Party Continues In North Carolina

The Coronoavirus took the world by surprise and forced the entire U.S.into isolation. Hip Hop aided the world through entertainment and it all started with the now infamous DJ set of legendary recording artist DJ D-Nice. Playing for a star-studded following that included the likes of Diddy, Michelle Obama, Oprah and many more. After the viral performance, D-Nice set a trend of DJs entertaining their own crowds with hours of great music but no one made a created a bigger buzz after D-Nice than North Carolina party starter, DJ Young.

“I actually gave myself the name of DJ Young. My first option was DJ 803 because my birthday is August 3, but that wasn’t sticking with me, so I went with Dj young/worldwide young.”

Born Keshaun Simms of Wilson, North Carolina. The Power 95.5 DJ is known for his attention-grabbing savvy street-infused-party sound throughout the region with regular residences in Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Greensboro. Throughout the pandemic, Young began performing weekly in-house mixshows and what first drew 32,000 followers quickly became infectious, accumulating over 1,000,000 followers as word-of-mouth quickly spread. Picking up where D-Nice left off, DJ Young’s stylish attitude and catchy blends of hits gravitated millions to his Livestream and created the moniker of “The Hottest Quarantine Party in the World”.

“What makes me stand out is that I’m a very genuine and humble guy, I don’t entertain drama or any negativity that people may try to bring my way in any shape, form or fashion,” DJ Young expresses about popularity. “I stay true to who I am and focus on what I can do to make a difference. That has worked for me throughout my life so far and I’m taking it along with me through my career. My supporters love that I’m this way so I’m definitely not gonna let the fame change me. I’m too solid.”

Mixing today’s hits with classic cuts and commanding attitude. The energy is magnetic from beginning to end as DJ Young captivate, now a worldwide audience, with regional representation blended among radio smashes. DJ Young doesn’t credit his success to solo endeavors but a team effort with his group of friends.

“I have a full team that helps me on a day to day basis. My guys Nigel “PVO” and Takon “Teddy T”. We have known each other for years and share some of the same dreams. They are very hands-on with everything we have going on with Club WorldWide. My managers, Jae Finesse and Tee have helped me so much as well. From bookings, interviews and everything that goes into management. They keep me level headed, they keep my life less chaotic and give me great advice 24/7. It’s a blessing.”

In the limelight, DJ Young has transitioned his popularity into branding as he establishes himself as a correspondent which led to an interview with entrepreneur Freeway Rick Ross and building on the fanfare foundation with merchandising and touring.

“I am currently working on the Club WorldWide Brand and building it so that it can reach its full potential of a full running business selling club worldwide merchandise. I plan after this COVID-19 pandemic is over to go on a tour to different states and cities and meet all of my supporters. I am also currently working on a Club worldwide cruise starting the Summer of 2021 which I want to make happen every year for all of my supporters to have a trip they can go to annually.”

The recent popularity is only just the beginning for DJ Young and his “Worldwide Addicts”. Moving forward, Worldwide Young is engineering longevity within his career. Along with seizing his defining moment in the public eye in 2020, he maps out a five-year plan that includes collaborations with a-listers and big events spread out throughout the U.S. As he explains:

“In 5 years I hope to be very successful at Djing for Big named celebrities, going on tour DJing for a big named artist, having a successful business selling merchandise for my brand, and also producing music, I just want to be doing what I love which is music and making a difference through it.”

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