Add A Dose Of “Vitamins” To Your Music Diet With K.i’s New Single @fuckwitchaboy_k.i

Never sleeping like the city he is from, K.i embodies the raw essence of New York City with a supercharged new single titled “Vitamins.” The brash and methodical beat by SlayronMadeThis is balanced out by K.i flow effortlessly.

Every word and bar rapped by the Brooklyn beat killer showcases K.i supreme confidence, which shined brightly throughout the short single. Accompanying the single is a simple shot, but compelling video furthers the narrative of K.i’s confidence.

He makes it a pivotal point in the song that nobody to few people has as much swagger as he does because they lack the “vitamins” he took throughout life. It’s a metaphor that correlates that he found success in life since he was put in situations over life that made him stronger, thus having “vitamins” which natured him into the man he is today.

The visual has K.i on a coach reciting lyrics to the video with some scenes of an attractive woman next to him. Working as a debut single for K.i, alongside “Luv Me Or Not” as his next step in ascending commercial success as an independent artist.

The breakthrough track for K.i, “Wooo Or Die,” featuring label mates Bando Black and Max Really Real, currently sits at over 100K views on YouTube. The success of the single was phenomenal, but it inspired K.i to be a one of a kind artist.

“I have a love for Black and Max, they’re my brothers,” he said. “However, I’m my own artist, so I have big plans for singles such as Vitamins and Luv Me Or Not to elevate me to the next level of stardom!”

With that confident attitude, K.i should see his dream of being the next hip hop icon happen rather sooner than later. For now, tune into Vitamins, which is available on all streaming platforms.

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