DJ Rinnecka – Hibachi

DJ Rinnecka shows off rapping mastery
with 32 bars on new single ‘Hibachi’

SAN ANGELO, TX – If there’s one thing that Deep South Hip Hop artist DJ Rinnecka wants people to know, it’s that when it comes to music, he can do it all. 

“I can produce, mix, master, and everything else,” said the up-and-coming artist from San Angelo, Texas. “I want to dip into different genres and be known for being a jack of all trades. I’ve always had a distinct taste in music and I’m really picky about the types of music I like in any genre. Part of the reason I got into music in the first place is because I would get a little bit jealous when someone would put out something great and I would hear it and think, ‘I want to do that.’ It made me want to learn more and try harder, and that’s how I got to where I am today.”

That journey is one that started as a young teenager who loved music and started dabbling with different aspects of the profession. This led to an aspiring artist, DJ and producer whose new single, “Hibachi,” is the perfect example of the kind of original artist that he has become known for. 

While working at a meat production plant, DJ Rinnecka initially started out as a small DJ, playing music at local parties and company events, and even at a small hookah lounge. While struggling to find his niche and earn enough money to keep going, he met up with an old friend who taught him how to be independent in the music industry. They started working together with some of his first endeavors taking place as host for tracks like “Bowlegged” and “Money Maker.” But hosting music wasn’t enough – he needed to create his own music.

“That’s how I decided to break in on ‘Hibachi,’” he said. “When we played that beat in the studio, I just started rapping. I did 32 bars just to show that I could hold my own on the mic. It is a track where I’m cooking up fire, and it’s the first track I was ever on. But when I heard it and worked on it, it had my kind of sound to it and it just sounds fire.”

DJ Rinnecka said “Hibachi” is just the first of many singles to come and that he’s already working on putting together some songs that would go toward an EP he hopes to release early next year. He’s also interested in earning some features with other artists and dreams of the day when he’s made it big enough to work with people like Lil Wayne, Calvin Harris, Marshmallow or Clams Casino. He’s also interested in partnering with lesser-known artists who do anime beats and is putting together the groundwork to be able to start an online store that would sell those types of beats. 

“Hibachi” is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

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