Bebejitt – Caliber

Bebejitt drops hot debut single ‘Caliber’ 

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – East Coast rapper Cory Harmon – better known by his stage name Bebejitt – has dropped a hot new single that is lighting up the nation. “Caliber” is a groovy flow of a good time with a twist of creativity. It’s the perfect song to showcase this 21-year-old’s signature sound and style. With a sound like this, fans all over the world will soon be demanding more.  

“Everybody else in the industry today is trying to ride the same wave – what’s trending or popping or whatever the next person is doing that sounds good,” Bebejitt said. “I look at it from a different aspect. I see stuff way more than other people see it. I understand the value of things, all the way down to individual words. Every word I say is diverse – it’s not just trapped in one kind of style.” 

That approach to music-making is put on full display with “Caliber” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Though it’s not the first song he’s ever written, it is the first song he’s released to the world and as such, he’s hopeful about how it will kick start a career as a performer and recording artist.  

Growing up in the 1990s, he was always a fan of the movie “Bebe’s Kids,” so much so that his parents and other adults in his life started referring to him and his siblings as Bebe’s Kids. He combined that with his other nickname, Jitt, and has been creating music under that moniker for about five years now. His love for music started with Michael Jackson but eventually came to include some of Hip Hop’s greats, like Biggie and Tupac. Today, he said he loves Lil Baby and Drake among others, though he tries to create his own sound and not mimic anyone else.  

“My type of flow and love for the music is just to get everyone in a good mood to be dancing while also having a sense of reality in it,” he said. “I went through a lot and I’m only 21 so I can relate to a variety of things. I want my music to be for everyone, and I want it to be the kind of music that you’re not just sitting there and bopping your head to it, but you’re getting positivity from it and it’s helping you through all the negativity that’s going on. Of course I want you to groove to it and dance to it and vibe to it.  I want to make music that gets people moving, but I also want to be a leader with my music and really encourage people. I feel like it won’t be long until people hear my music and everyone will be enjoying it.” 

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