Young General Yg7 – Eye’s Of Pain

Young General YG7 has recently released The Breakthrough 

New Orleans, LA – An up and coming Hip Hop artist under the name of Young General YG7 has recently released his latest album. The 17 track album is titled “The Breakthrough” and showcases Young General’s versatility and skill as a musician. Overall, the track has a smooth feel and is a truly easy listen. 

Young General first took interest in music when he was only 14 years old. It was not until 2018 that he really began to seriously get into the music industry. “I didn’t start really taking my music seriously until after I got out of prison in 2018. After that, I really started to take my craft seriously and actually start pursuing it.” 

Once his career began to take off, Young General developed a strong and unique sound of his own. He draws much of his inspiration from real life, something that really shows through in his music. “I have a unique style. Basically, I make my music based off of real stories and struggles that I have faced in my life. I have my own way of using my creativity in my work and making something that people haven’t heard before.” 

Young General’s new album, The Breakthrough”, shows exactly this with a collection of tracks that depict moments in his life and things that he has encountered. “I was inspired by a bunch of my own stories, living in the ghetto, going through struggles with prison and poverty. I talk about run-ins with the law and getting money and all of these things that I’ve had experiences with.” The album allows for a look into what it is like to be in Young General’s shoes. “It’s not the kind of album that you would hear on a daily basis. It is different and it’s real.” 

While working on this project, Young General was hooked from the beginning. “My favorite part was from the moment I came up with the title and the whole idea for the album. Being able to work on these songs and reflect on my past and my life was a great experience in itself.” Once Young General got into the recording studio, he knew that he was on the right track. “Hearing myself on the track was the most fun. It really all started to come together.” 

The Breakthrough is an interesting and relatable collection of tracks. It is Young General’s goal to connect with his audience and inspire them. “I want to let people know that they are not the only ones going through it. I hope it inspires them to keep going and keep pushing for the next thing because nothing happens overnight. You have to put work in and earn it.” 

With The Breakthrough already out on all major platforms, Young General is already gearing up for the next part of the project. The Breakthrough Part 2 is already in the works, as well as several videos to go with the tracks on the original album. Young General is planning to keep moving forward and building himself as an artist. He is surely someone to look out for.  

Be sure to check out Young General YG7’s music and connect with him on social media via the links and handles listed below. 

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