[Video] Vellcrow – Pump Fake

Vellcrow Claps back at lil Pump with New video “Pump Fake”

Coming straight out of the North-East side Philadelphia, 28-year-old Vellcrow, also known as, “The Crow” – is labeled one of the region’s best kept darkest secrets. He has a face that might remind you of the famous rock band KISS or even the legendary Sting from The World Wrestling Federation.

Vellcrow has been quietly building an insurmountable buzz in his hometown. The Philadelphia artist dropped a smash single called “GO” this year on February 11th 2020. On April 6th 2020 some say that Miami native Lil Pump plagiarized the song in his version called Pump Rock.

A video comparing the two songs surfaced on Instagram on April 3rd featuring both Lil Pump’s version of the song, followed by Vellcrow’s. The post asked fans to listen and comment on the similarities. Followers had a lot to say. “Wow he jacked you bro” wrote a user. “Yooo lil pump that’s what we do now… we jackin tracks now,” wrote another user.

Lil Pump has not commented on the plagiarism claim with his new rock song. But, Vellcrow on the other hand had some words for lil pump in his new music video, Shot By: @majormotionn, called “Pump fake.” Also check out his single “GO,” which is out now everywhere on all digital platforms Including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and more. Just Search Vellcrow!