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Born Kevin Green July 15 1987. I’m the middle child of 6 brothers and 3 sisters. Born and raised in Canton, MS I quickly adapted to growing up in the hood. As a kid I knew I liked music a lot but never thought about making my own music. Meanwhile all my close friends were making tapes and going to the studio. When I was 16 I started joking around freestyling with them on some tapes for fun, I instantly fell in love my career began. We began making tapes everyday after school and any other free time we had. After about two years of making takes and playing around I wanna to get serious with the music, so I bought some studio time at the local studio in the metro center mall. Myself and two more buddies would hit the studio and just freestyle over tracks normally make about 3 or 4 songs a day. This was a step up from the tapes but i wasn’t satisfied I wanted it to sound professional and good. I hooked up with my fellow classmate who had a studio in his house and my close friend Richard and started Southside Hustlas of 601. We recorded a album with Bryant Dixon at his house. I was impressed by what Bryant had done so I start looking into building my own studio. I invested into some equipment and began recording my own music. Everyday all we did was record music in 2007 we released our first project Hustlin 4 Ever with exclusive beats from Glacier Boy, Eric Redd and a few others we were off the ball was rolling. For me Music is a way of relaxing and expressing my feelings so I make a lot of personal music so if it feel like I’m talking about u I am if u did whatever I’m talking about in my song. I write songs off of real life situations. It’s very rare that I just make a song and it’s has no true meaning behind it. As of today I currently have my own studio which I still do my own recordings, I also direct and shoot all my videos myself. When you listen to my music think about what you just read it will help you grasp my music better.

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