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BAMBINO” ft Burn&Loot is the title track, third single and second visual from Brando’s upcoming EP. Produced and directed by All Work No Play productions. You can expect the full BAMBINO EP sometime in May 2020.

With the Corona Virus Hysteria upon us Virginia Beach Rapper Brando Bambino is providing some Relief with his new release making sure the world knows about Virginia Beach, Va. Home to Greats like Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, The Clips and more, Virginia has always given Hip -Hop something Special.

Enter Brando Bambino and his latest Release Bambino off his upcoming project Bambino, the culmination of Brambino’s career as a rapper thus far as he’s transitioned from Va Beach to New Orleans.

“I got started making music because my older brother started rapping and making beats with his friends. My brother and I are pretty close so I basically picked up on whatever he was doing. I started rapping and making beats when I was in middle school. We started recording songs onto cassette tapes using a karaoke machine and quickly progressed to ProTools. I’m 32 now so I’ve be”en rapping for just about 20 years at this point. I’ve continued making music because it’s somewhat therapeutic. I like the challenge of making something better than my previous songs. At this point I rap to see if I can impress myself. “

Brando Bambino has a unique and unapologetic style that is a breath of fresh air during these stressful
times. Brando also has a Video for “Bambino” on Youtube right now and his album is slated to drop within the upcoming months along with several other videos. Follow him on social media @brandobambino and his music available on iTunes and all streaming platforms.

Official Video https://youtu.be/U4jP9IsbdMU

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