UK new sensation Beth Brandy Releases Irresponsible Video

Raw, passionate, unique. These are just a few words to describe the musical talent of
songstress, Bethanie Tupman better known as Beth Brandy. Born in Cambridge, UK,
Beth Brandy was raised in a loving household. Eldest of three siblings, she and her
family lived in a small village outside of North London called Bishops Stortford until the
age of 10 when Beth Brandy and her family packed up and moved to another town in
Hertfordshire. Seeing her first childhood home up for sale a few years later, her family
was able to purchase and move back into the home where many warm memories
were shared.
Throughout her childhood years, Beth Brandy’s parents were very supportive of her
talents and made sure to pour into her ballet, tennis and swimming lessons to help
develop the hard work ethic and drive that she has today. At 9 years old, Beth Brandy
attended Bishop’s Stortford College, where she learned the drums and began her
singing lessons. It was during these singing lessons that she realized how comfortable
she was expressing herself creatively, which led to her developing this skill even further.
As Beth Brandy was finding her sound in her younger years, she was inspired by many
of the greats. Growing up listening to her parents fill the home with music from Michael
Jackson, Shaggy and The Bee Gees, helped develop her love for funk and soul which
can be heard in her music now. It wasn’t until Beth Brandy was 17, that she truly
believed in her already undeniable talent. Her vocal range and tone truly developed
over her child years and her will and determination for success was a driving force
behind her artistry. Practicing in an unconventional way, Beth Brandy recalls singing in
her barn, in particularly to Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Women” until she was able to
perfect the high notes in the song.
Michael Jackson’s funk-driven beats, Calvin Harris, Anderson.paak & Silk Sonic’s take
on 80s funk music while making it modern and current, Amy Winehouse’s jazz voice
and songs, and her way of expressing her personal life and Ariana Grande’s vocal
range and pop aesthetic have all played a tremendous role in the way Beth Brandy has
cultivated her own personal style. All of the artists who inspired her, have led to Beth
Brandy creating the same energy and feel with her songs, turning possible sad stories
into a positive spin or writing witty lyrics with soulful beats to accompany them.

For more information, please visit Beth Brandy’s official website at or follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter @bethbrandy.