Triggs Links up with Sean2miles and Snoop Dogg for “Girls, Girls, Girls” @OfficialTriggs

As an artist one of the things you focus on consistently having, is a hit record that will talk to the masses. In the studio you can go through many beats made by many producers looking for that one that you think will go. Once you find that beat that vibe you’re looking for, now your goal is to write something that you know will set the industry on fire.

Doggy Style Records South artist Triggs is that one who knows what he’s looking for. He knows his style, his lane, his focus, his ultimate direction and he consistently proves it by releasing music that can touch any mood and address all vibes. If you know Triggs you know he is an artist out of Long Island NY who now resides in the independent capital of the US known as Atlanta. He’s been a part of many aspects of the music business but now he shows that his talent for making music is how he will take over the industry.

On the journey to be the greatest that ever did it, he introduces the world to his new single/visual “Girls, Girls, Girls”. Produced by Drathoven, Triggs takes the vibe to the ladies, giving them exactly what goes down when there’s a freak in the building. To top it off he taps Sean2miles to throw his flavor on the track while Uncle Snoop Dogg himself directs the chorus for this all-around club banga.

The visual is exactly what you would expect, a lot of beautiful woman, a spot for the party to go down and you not in the building unless you’re invited. Triggs Lyrically has you tuned in, but for you to know what we know, you need to listen for yourself. Girls, Girls, Girls now available on all digital platforms.

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