Tina (FKA Hoodcelebrityy) Taps Bounty Killer For “I’m Back” (Remix)

Hoodcelebrity is ready for a new direction and a fresh start in her music career: enters Tina.

The “Walking Trophy” hitmaker begins to embark on the second part of her career with the new single, properly titled “I’m Back.” As the new track begins to reach a fever pitch, Tina reenergizes the track with the release of a remix version featuring the premiere dancehall artist Bounty Killer. “I’m Back” maybe a fresh start for the exciting artist, but the track delivers the same energy, trendy lyrics, and bouncy sound that Tina has always delivered as Hoodcelebrityy.

Tina’s new stage name represents her evolution. “I’ve evolved as a woman and artist, and that’s what Tina reflects,” she says. “I am no longer a Hood celebrity. She reminds me of the young girl I used to be. I’m ready for the world to get to know who I am now, and that is Tina. Tina is going to take me places that Hood Celebrityy couldn’t.”

“I’m Back” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans eager to explore the artist formerly known as Hoodcelebrityy. Tina has a host of new music lined up and she’s eager to share it with the world. This shift marks an important moment for Tina and her musical career as she relaunches a more authentic image that aligns with her current values and musical ambitions.

“I’m Back” released in February and as amassed 561K views on YouTube.

Watch the remix below.