Thoreau – “Best Life”

Its been a productive summer for Colorado-via-Texas recording artist Thoreau. Still thriving from the heat, the promising new artist unveils his latest and best work yet in, properly-titled, “Best Life”.

Known for his dance infused Hip Hop flow, on the new track, Thoreau takes a different approach and delivers superior, yet animated, wordplay. While different, still familiar, thanks to his refreshing rhymes and catchy party hooks. Covering all bases, Thoreau is eager to showcase his diversity as an artist and entice a newly discovered fanbase to gravitate to his playful new sound.

“Best Life” is the follow up to a summer collection, including “Keeping Score,” “Wrong” and the Mac Miller rework, “Dunno”. Setting up a promised full-length effort arriving early 2020. Consistent with content, the new artist is appearing to be undeniable with unexpected tactics. Stay tuned for more.

Stream “Best Life” now.