Synbby – Comin In

Young artist Synbby announces herself to the world in a major way with debut project ‘Year One’ 

MIAMI, FL – When Syntel Speights turned 17, she made a major life-changing decision to move from her hometown of New Jersey to Miami, Florida to pursue music as a career full-time. Her first year there wasn’t always butterflies and roses but as she looks back at her experiences, she knows that she learned a lot and has become a better musician and overall artist along the way. She chronicles those experiences with her signature sound and style on a new EP called “Year One,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms under her stage name Synbby 

Calling it her first “serious project,” “Year One” is her introduction to the music industry and to a global audience. Not only does it describe the various experiences she encountered in her first year in Miami, but they also showcase her catchy vocals and natural talent as a rapper. However, more than anything, it’s an EP that tells fans and supporters all over the world that she’s here and she’s ready. 

“I know how to hone-in on modern day sounds without overdoing the modern day trends,” Synbby said. “I want to make a positive impact with my music. I don’t curse much and try not to promote sex no matter how many people tried to push on me. And I have a wide range of versatility. I have singing songs and rap songs and conscious songs and party songs and mellow songs and songs just to vibe to. I have the ability to get the attention and satisfy many niches. I’m not stuck in one particular lane, and I believe the message I have behind my craft sets me apart.” 

There are six songs on “Year One” plus a bonus track. Appropriately, the project opens with a single called “Recap” which does just what the title promises as it looks back at the various experiences of her life over the past year. With an R&B vibe set against mainstream melodies, the song is subtle but impactful. Synbby said that “when you hear the song you’re vibing to it, and then the more you listen to it you realize I’m really saying something.” 

That’s followed by “Somebody” which is an R&B love song. Synbby said she wanted to make something to encourage people during these dark times, and this song emphasizes how important it is to have that special someone in life.  

Next comes “Higher” which not only has a higher energy to it but also emphasizes the new levels of maturity Synbby discovered as the year went along. That then makes way for “Price of Fame” which Synbby said is perhaps the most mainstream-sounding song on the album. It has a Trap vibe, and fans can get a taste of her talented Rap skills as she talks about what it takes to be successful in today’s industry. It’s a high-energy club song that Synbby said is sure to make waves all over the world. 

“Right Time” comes next on the album and is kind of the linchpin of the entire project as it serves as Synbby’s testament to this being the perfect timing for her to release a project of this caliber. It’s an inspirational track that is sure to stand as an anthem for other people in the world who are working hard to achieve their dreams.  

The project ends with ‘On Top of the World” which feels almost like a perfect progression from the previous two songs. It’s about how Synbby is putting in the effort and embracing the right energy to perfect her craft and then reap the benefits of her labor. She also recently opened her own recording studio called Montana Records, based in Hollywood, Florida. At only 19 years old, she knows she’s passing milestone after milestone as a professional artist, and that success makes her feel on top of the world. 

“I feel untouchable right now,” she said. “I’m doing shit I dreamed of as a child. I will have a positive impact on the world with my music. I will leave the generations to believe in themselves, to build wealth, and to do what it takes to take care of your mental and physical health. I will promote the importance of that and make sure people see me for me and that it’s more than just about making money – it’s about creating good music that inspires other people.” 

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