Smart Mouth Records taking over the industry with SunQueen Kelcey @SunQueenKelcey

Smart Mouth Records the rising independent label out of North Carolina is starting to make major moves in the music business. With their super talented R&B act SunQueen Kelcey the label is making a heavy presence that started in its hometown of North Carolina. With the recent release and success of SunQueen Kelcey’s new single “Around” Smart Mouth Records is soon to be catapulted into a` household name by 2020. With the success of Sun Queen Kelcey’s new single “Around” it has generated top coverage in media, numerous radio spins and much more.

CEO of Smart Mouth Lawrence Miller speaks on the vision “It all started with a vision and it’s a lot of hard work, it was not easy but I’m glad everything is coming into play.” Adding to SunQueen’s success he explains “SunQueen, I was just in love with her voice, her music, all that. I said to myself I gotta get behind her now.” Continuing “She has a loyal fanbase all organic and as I always say great music will always spread fast”.

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