Skrizzy – “SZN”

Credible hits “Drip” and “Comfortable” have established the artist formerly known as Young Scrap, now Skrizzy, as a Hip Hop mainstay in the current canon. Hailing from Inglewood, Skrizzy is a gifted wordsmith equipped with harmonies and persuasive charm. Continuing to excel in the ever-changing genre, he drops his next notable mention, titled, “SZN”.

Known best for his mixtape succession, Skrizzy speaks on his recent rollercoaster ride through life exhibiting a usual laid-back vibe. “SZN” has sentimental value to the accomplished artist as it addresses his recent recovery from Cancer. As he explains:

“This record is special to me because it was the first song I recorded after my battle with vocal cord paralysis as a result of cancer. My manager at the time said to me “you haven’t used your voice for a significant amount of time so it may take a while to get back in the swing of things.” I took it as a personal challenge and this was the outcome. This is my season (SZN), my space, and my time.”

The latest release revs up an anticipated new project which follows the artist’s February album, Music We Can Fuck To 6: A Side Niggas Fantasy. Expected late-2020, the new song maps out a deeper dive into Skrizzy’s sexual endeavors that will be furthermore explored. Keep in eye on Skrizzy daily via Twitter.

Take a listen to Skrizzy’s new single below, courtesy Forever Trill.