[Single] LKeys – Foreal | @Lkeys303

In a world of social media and consistent content a must, a lot of people claim they’re from or even understand what it’s like to move in the streets. Some may go as far as try to prove it and in the streets that’s just not “FOREAL”

When you from the streets, you know who else from the streets. What’s understood don’t need to be explained and LKeys out of Aurora, Colorado is as real as it gets. No matter the location the grynd is the same, Get it, Move it, Stack it.

Lkeys talks about how he goes hard with new single “FOREAL” where lyrically he describes the hustle and the benefits to making a lot of money. LKeys also understands the dangerous parts and describes how he handles unfavorable situations. Coining phrases like “I’m really from them trenches so my scars is real” can only be said by someone who lived it.

I don’t know about you but if I am going to do it, I’m going to do it “FOREAL“. It’s the only way to get it.

Listen to “FOREAL” BY LKeys available on all digital platforms now.

Twitter and Instagram name: @Lkeys303
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“FOREAL” by Lkeys https://songwhip.com/song/lkeys/foreal