[Single] Deseree Simone – Money | @Desereesimone_

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Meet Deseree Simone
Deseree Simone Jenkins is an American entertainer often referred to as “lightskin.” She’s young but if you listen to her music, you’ll realize quickly she innately found her passion in music. Deseree was born and raised in Houston, Texas, in the Missouri City area. Growing up in such a prominent area for music, she found songs to be relatable and soothing. Deseree is no stranger to hard times and loss so she found peace in telling her story in a verse. Deseree came from a single parent household and her mother suffered from bipolar disorder. She experienced a lot of abuse growing up, so she needed an outlet. She somehow found happiness and a way to laugh through her grandmother and 3 little sisters she helps raise. She also felt motivated by them to branch out and be great. Fearlessly, she began to find beats and freestyle; realizing she did not just have a passion for rap, she was good at it. Rap is not just fun and games for Deseree, in the past year she has made a major mark in the Houston area. She’s conquered challenges and traveled with legends such as Bun B from UGK, Lil Flip, and Lil Keke. In her lyrics she draws you in vividly describing a hard life filled with stories of death, pain, struggle, neglect, and redemption.
Deseree is known for being nothing short of a prodigy in the making; this is because of her unique voice and ability to grab listeners attention. Deseree says her secret is simple, she draws inspiration from Jazz and old school artist such as Erykah Badu, something that would explain how she can flow so smooth. Deseree’s first professional work was, Light Skin Volume 1, a mixtape that earned her quite a few fans. This album also leads to her being asked to perform on the “Screwfest 2019” and to join Bun B for an appearance on his tour in late August 2019. At the age of 20, Deseree has a lot of promise in entertainment. Recently, she did a song with the Mo City Don, Z-ro, she won the “Yung Martez’s In My Act Challenge,” was a finalist for the “Htown for real Challenge” and was featured on Grammy winning super producer, Jermaine Dupri’s page. She was one of the few out of thousands who entered the So So Def Cypher; her video has views surpassing 60 thousand views. She hopes to inspire others to survive hard times through every single song. Her goal is to keep elevating in the music industry, while making an impact.

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