Ryan Lee fuses country and rock on new single “Need Your Lovin”

Song: Need Your Lovin Is a fusion of Rock and Country. A record with heartfelt, relevant, and relatable lyrics that describe the importance of pure love and that material things in life cannot always provide happiness.

This song was inspired by a family member going through a divorce and myself trying to navigate through the same strugles.
I have many accomplishments in my 25 years in the music industry. Starting 1997 I was an executive producer for Trump Tite entertainment and released 2 studio albums. I was a lead singer of a rock band of Kung-Fu Grip for 4 years. Had some recent successes after meeting Big Heff at a showcase in Nebraska. Got to travel with the Streets Most Wanted Tour in 2018 performing in New York City, Cleveland, Austin TX at SxSW and many other venues across the Midwest. Heff invited us to the Nerve Dj’s music conference and one of my singles Heartbreak Asylum was played on the radio in Cleveland on 95.9 FM.


Produced/Engineered: Kit LescaultDuprey Studio Recordings Christopher Mark Lescaul

Photography: Alvin Diaz

Graphics: Adam Moss

Wolf Digital Lab