Rocstar22 Drops “Yo Favorite” New Single

Rocstar22 has been on a relentless grind lately, with a string of breakout singles in 2022. Today, he continues to rise to the top with the release of his new single, titled “Yo Favorite.” On the latest release, Rocstar22 speaks to being the best at anything he desires, as he sings on the hook: “I balled with yo favorite player, trapped with yo favorite trapper, been on charts with yo favorite rapper.”

This release was brought to the world by (Room22) an NFT project that Rocstar22 created. This gives his holders ownership to 50% of all his streaming royalties from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc. The owners pay for his music in advance and he then uses the money to position the music through his connections to create the best ROI possible for his NFT community. Room22 is a 2222 collection priced at .022 Etherium or 40 dollars cash each NFT. With 13% sold out, this is your chance to own royalties from Rocstar22.

“Yo Favorite” is a great start to the artist’s 2023 run as he promises more new music and a forthcoming full-length album. For newfound fans, “Yo Favorite” is the perfect jump-on point and exploring Rocstar22’s catalog.

Listen to Rocstar22’s new song below, and afterward, follow the new star on social media.