Rob Niece Shares Buzzing EP ‘Per My Last Album’

After creating mainstream visibility in 2022 with a string of hits, including “A Little,” “Brackets,” and “Best I Can Do,” Louisville, Kentucky recording artist Rob Niece keeps the momentum going with the release of his latest project, titled Per My Last Album. Trendy, impressive, and intriguing, Rob’s latest release, available now via Not Another, LLC, is a three-pack collection of the artist’s best work yet.

“I’m all about being the best version of yourself and not getting distracted by others’ successes or failures,” said Rob Niece in a press release. “We’re in a world where everything needs to be ‘Compared’ to something else. I’m a just keep making hit records, perfect albums, and inspiring my supporters to go be great themselves. To be not another.”

Upon release, the project that includes standout singles, “My Fault” and “Paint The City Red,” topped the artist’s streaming catalog. For Rob, the latest project is a reminder to him of the creativity greatness inside of him. The album showcases his passion for music to his newfound fans. Rob’s belief in individuality and encourages people to pursue their dreams at their own pace, rather than feeling pressured by societal expectations. He shares:

“‘Per My Last Album’ is a reminder of what I’m doing over here. Im making GREAT MUSIC at a high clip. I’m not really caught up in who’s winning awards, who’s going platinum, who has corporate deals, etc…maybe I’ll feel different when I’m hitting those milestones. But much of the industry is fabricated. What’s the point in me chasing that? Instead, I’m focused on the music and keep giving my supporters my heart and sharing my gift with the world.”

Per My Last Album follows Niece’s 2022 album Kind Regards, which spawned breakout songs “The Vibes,” “The Quarry,” and “I Miss When I Miss You.” The latest effort is the perfect origin point for newfound fans as the rising star promises more new music in 2023 and currently creating an as-yet-titled upcoming album. To stay updated on everything Rob Niece, feel free to follow the emerging artist on social media.

Rob Niece’s style is a blend of rap, r&b, pop, and soft rock. Per My Last Album is a must-hear by a 2023 artist-to-watch.

Stream Rob Niece’s latest EP below.