Riverside’s Yun Gunna Music Goes Viral After Throwing Stacks to Kids

There is a viral video spreading like wildfire across Instagram right now. In the video, an unknown person pulls up to a school an proceeds to throw out stacks of cash to a crowd of children. As the blue faces fly out, the car is instantly surrounded by screaming kids. Like Robin Hood, the mysterious figure is giving back to the children similar to the legendary story tales.

In real-time, the gesture went viral, through word of mouth, and was later posted by the Instagram account belonging to Yun Gunna of Inland Empire. Real money, real kids, who also kept the money, led to thousands of intrigued Instagram users following the account.

Shown below, the now-infamous post from the artist’s point-of-view and the fan’s point-of-view.


To date, the video has gone viral, accumulating over 19,000 views and growing. Kids all over the world have commented on the video with various statements, including, requests to come to their schools.

Who is Yun Gunna? A Riverside-based rapper who created a buzzworthy sound with riot-starting rhymes, practical joking antics and energetic persona. A magnetic personality, Yun Gunna is quickly becoming one of the hottest new artists on the West Coast. Gunna’s biggest track to-date is the Black Mayo-produced, “Mean to Me” off his 2018 effort, Yun Glow Up.

On breakout tracks like “Check” and “Push Start”, Yun Gunna shows us a side of West Coast Hip Hop that has yet to be seen in reckless fun, high-energy, talented rhymes and his following displays the infectious impact he has on his Inland Empire surroundings. Stream the commercial hits now, and run through his complete catalog today via Soundcloud.

Music aside, if you are looking to just follow Yun Gunna and his viral antics on Instagram, simply click here. Kids, feel free to leave a comment of your school and see if Yun Gunna will surprise you with a pull up.