ReUp843 – Praying 4 Head

ReUp843 uses experiences from military career
to boost new album ‘It’s Now or Never’

HONOLULU, HI – It’s now or never.

That’s not just the name of the new album from Hip Hop artist ReUp843, it’s also the attitude with which he approaches everything in his music career today. After a decade-plus of making music, all of which he did while enlisted in the military over the past 12 years, he is ready to put everything he has into realizing his dream of being a musician so well known that his name is on the lips of everyone in the world. He has a unique sound and style to offer the world of music and he knows that it’s now or never to share that sound with a rising wave of new fans.

“My mindset is what helps me the most and will help me in my music career,” ReUp said. “I don’t panic when it comes to a lot of different things. I’m very laid back. I look at things differently than a normal civilian would look at it. That mindset is what makes me a lot different than others in the industry because I’ve seen things and I’ve been to war. I like to have fun but I like to show the bad side of things and talk about the things that happen in life. I write about things I’ve done or that I know about, even if I haven’t done them in my own life. I write about life experiences and having fun and sometimes partying. I write about the hustle and the grind and where I came from in Dillon, South Carolina. I write about my 12 years in the military and wanting to provide myself a different way of life. I was on a road to destruction before going into the military. I was in the streets doing a lot of different things and I knew that if I didn’t have some life-changing events happen, I wouldn’t get out of that lifestyle. All of that comes through in my music.”

At this point in his life, all of those life experiences and his skills as a musician that have been honed over the years have come to a meeting point. It’s a monumental moment in his career, and all of that is reflected on “It’s Now or Never.” The songs on the album not only show off a little diversity on his end but also the range of artistry ReUp has. He’s not just a one-trick pony when it comes to Hip Hop. He’s out of the box when it comes to creating music. He goes hard every time, even if it’s a laid back tune or something with deep lyrical content. 

“I don’t think I’m stuck in a box,” he said. “My creativity shows that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make all of my fans happy and satisfied with what I put out. Every one of my songs is going to be better than the last because I’m constantly growing. And I want to be known as an artist who is willing to do whatever it takes, besides selling my soul, to make fans happy with my music. I have a plethora of different vibes and songs – from lyricism to having fun to so many different avenues – that I can use when I provide music to the world.”

The first single from the album is “Praying 4 Head” which was released in March and has been getting a lot of plays over the last few months. He also dropped “Scrubs” earlier this summer, and is about to drop “Great” before the end of August. All of his music is available on streaming platforms.

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