Red Coral Music and Fambiz Entertainment announce Joint Venture with Red Coral Music @fambinohoodpranks

Red Coral Music and Fambiz Entertainment are pleased to announce their Joint Venture Red Coral Music will be a home for a diverse list of artistic talents and established names in the world pf music.. Larry Meistrich of Red Coral Music is a well-known film producer, also known as the founder and chairman of Diginext Studios and The Shooting Gallery, an independent film distribution company. He has produced many successful films, including Sling Blade, Belly, New Jersey Drive, You Can Count on Me and the just released HoodPranks The Movie (with Fambiz Entertainment). He is a recipient of an Independent Spirit Award You Can Count On me, and an Academy Award win and nomination for Sling Blade and You Can Count On Me, respectively. Both Belly and New jersey Drive’s Soundtracks went Gold. Following a successful career in production, he went on to found NEHST studios, a distribution company that churned out many successful independent films. NEHST combined with another studio to create Red Coral Releasing, which today has an ever-growing network of films, the most recent being Fambiz Production’s HoodPranks, a satire akin to Jackass set in the inner cites of Paterson and Newark, New Jersey as well as The Bronx. He founded Red Coral Music in 2019, a music production company that works with established music studios with the aim to release and market music from up and coming artists as well as creating soundtracks and scores for the films he is producing.. He is a savvy business man and marketer in addition to his accomplishments, and looks forward to the new opportunities that will arise from the merging of these two already flourishing companies.

Chaca “Fambino” Murphy aka The GODFATHER of Hoodpranks is the CEO of FamBiz Entertainment, writer and executive producer of HoodPranks the Movie. Fambino’s strength in film and music have come naturally due to his long term experience in the industry on both sides of the table. Fambino began his career in the music industry as one half of the successful rap duo Babalu Boys signed to A&M/Tuff Break records. Familiar with the struggle of an upcoming artist while understanding the passion and dedication needed to make it to the top, it was an easy move from artist to executive at Warner Bros. Records. Under his tenure at Warner Bros Records, Fam saw the success of the following artists Jaheim, Leelah James, and Sporty Thieves. He is also responsible for the discovery of the popular hip hop/R&B group Total. With strategic collaborations through top production houses like Big Stomach Productions, Pulse Music, IMI Studios as well as a supporting team with Anthony Ciccilini (General Manager), Alec Murphy (Chief Marketing Officer) and Phya Harris (Chief Operating Officer), all artists can rest assured knowing their project is in good hands.

With the unification of these two talents, the newly formed company aims to continue to manage and produce new artists trying to make it in the music industry with the unique resources of both companies. The goal is to do so in the traditional sense of a label, while also factoring in the benefit of the chairmen’s prominent roles in film, TV and music—giving artists a sure-fire opportunity to be featured on soundtracks and projects and create scores, thereby giving them the ability to be marketed and distributed through pre-established channels of entertainment. Artists already represented include Brixx, Malik Johnson’s Big Stomach Productions, Payson, and Staii Winning, among others. Meistrich and Fambino are thrilled to be working in tandem to discover new talent and take the next step towards building a successful company together.

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