R&B Songstress Candi Wilette releases “Cloud 9” @CandiWilette

RnB songstress Candi Wilette out of Milan, Tennessee just released her new single “Cloud 9”. In the current era of RnB were many claim that it has been stagnant, others feel it is thriving like never before with artist such as Brandy, Tank, and India Arie continually dropping new hot singles. Regardless of what you feel, you can hear that Candi Wilette gives you her own sound curated to RnB. While listening to this record you can hear Candi‚Äôs expressions of emotion, passion and desire for that special someone who has her on Cloud 9. From the kisses that drive her wild and so much more. This record is a beautiful RnB tune that puts your energy in good vibrations.