PUKU – “Move Right Past”

In this game, to be ahead of the rest of the competition takes skill. Today, emerging Miami rapper Puku excels past the rest of the new school of artists with creative raps and a motivational hook on his new song, titled, “Move Right Past”.

The song dwells on the transition phrase between an old and new relationship. Breaking down the many different facets, Puku embraces his emotions and provides fans with potential his best track yet. Well-rounded, detailed, catchy and much more, “Move Right Past” is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans.

On making “Move Right Past,” Puku dissects:

“Convinced we know our significant others like the back of our hand, when they disappoint us by acting out of character we quickly come to the realization that we barely know ourselves. These defining moments in your life are mandatory in order for us to become the best version of the man in the mirror. This transitional period doesn’t last forever, no matter what your heart tells you.”

Available now via Tell Your People, Puku’s new song is distributed via United Masters. For more on Puku, feel free to follow the new artist daily on Twitter. Anticipate a new project to come out of the Dirty South early-2020 from the rising star, including the new song.

Stream “Move Right Past” now on YouTube.