Puku – “In These Streets”

Puku is a Miami-based-rapper who has been creating a tremendous amount of heat with everything he releases. Continue to rise up the ranks, the slick-talking lyricist feeds the streets with another dope track called “In These Streets”.

A true musician, “In These Streets” is a mid-tempo melancholy about the praise of superficial women. Available via Tell Your People. Coming off his first All-Star performance in Chicago, “In These Streets” is potentially Puku’s big break set to become another chart-topper under the United Masters regime.

“Things changed and I’m okay with that. Love ain’t to common in our era,” he tells about the song’s creation.”So I might as well get lit with some of the homies and live a little more freely. The second someone gets a chance to leave you for a situation they perceive to be better, they’ll take it without any regard having any regards to you. It ain’t no love in these streets.”

Stream Puku’s new song below.