Priceless – Know Me

Hot New EP ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ from Florida rapper Priceless Scott gives fans a tease of good things to come 

TAMPA, FL – Keshana Scott – better known by her stage name Priceless – has seen her fair share of difficulties in life. Raised by a single parent, Priceless found herself surrounded by a strong family base and was a young girl with dreams of a prosperous future. She developed a passion for sports and loved softball, but as a child, she had a lot of health issues and eventually was hospitalized because of a bad heart. She had to undergo heart surgery and went through years of recovery. By her teenage years, she had found some stability until she became pregnant during her senior year. As a teenage mother, she found herself struggling to care for herself and her child, planning for a future for herself and her young one. 

Put the most beautiful diamonds are formed from the hardest pressure, and Priceless used the pressures of her difficult life to create something beautiful with her life. Though she’d never thought her dream of being a performer would come true, she was hopeful when she walked into a recording studio in 2012 and recorded her first song over Tyga’s “Rack City” instrumental. That first recording gained some attention and in the years since, she has built a strong career for herself as a musician and entertainer.

Her most recent work is a six-song EP appropriately titled “Pressure Makes Diamonds.” It’s a project that showcases the young artist’s diversity and versatility. She captures a variety of moods across the six songs, from Dance to Hip Hop to Pop and everything in between. She also touches on different scenarios she’s experienced in her difficult life, highlighting how those hard times have molded and shaped her into the woman she is today.

“It’s basically a project that shows the struggles I’ve been through to get to where I am,” Priceless said. “I’m more raw and can speak to a broad range of experiences. That’s something many people can relate to. These experiences and stories I’ve been through can connect with other people. I use my feelings and experiences and emotions and pain and joy in ways that relate to multiple people. I want it to be motivational and emotional. I want you to feel it – to feel me and connect with me before you even see me.”

In many ways, that motivational message is pointed back at herself. She admits that much of the struggle to attain her dreams were self-created. She had to overcome her fears of failure and the doubts of whether or not she was good enough to be taken seriously.

“But this is about me stepping into my life and overcoming the shit I’ve been through in life,” she said. “It’s about overcoming the doubt and fear of not knowing what’s going to happen. I didn’t believe I could do it or make it happen, and I was harder on myself than anybody. I was starting to sacrifice myself. But not anymore. This is the rebirth of Priceless. There’s no bullshit anymore. I’m not letting life and shit that doesn’t really matter hold me back from chasing my dreams and knowing where I can be.”

The first single off the EP is already available across all streaming platforms. It’s called “Know Me,” and is an aggressive song that lashes back against haters who criticized her during the early part of her music career. The single will be followed by the full EP on May 15. 

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