Peerro – Have To Do feat Los P Lani Cakes & Yur Honor

Dr. Rachel Angel the creative force behind the technology app “Peerro”, the career pathway platform for young people seeking hourly positions and employers seeking quality hires. Born in Newark, NJ but raised in Cleveland, OH, she began pursuing her path with the desire to progress the youth forward. Choosing to combine music and technology seems unconventional but she is making it work in a positive way.

“Music and Technology are two things people don’t typically think about together but the culture around both is what impacts the youth the most.” -Dr. Rachel Angel

Supported by school districts, community colleges and vocational programs, PEERRO delivers the only educator endorsed leads to ensure its pool of talent is qualified, vetted and ultimately matches the right people with the right jobs. .

Influenced by artists such as Nas, Lauryn Hill and Anita Baker and inspired by Summer Walker, Wale and Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Angel decided to put together a song to encourage the youth as well as promote usage of the app.The video was shot by 30M Productions for the single “Have To Do.” Produced by Apollo90Seven, the track features Lani Cakes, Los P and Yur Honor.

The concept around the video is to motivate the youth to get their first job. She wants to show that getting a job doesn’t mean giving up on your passion or your dreams. The goal is to get the youth to realize that a job can actually serve as a means to achieve their goals. There is a project being worked on surrounding this first release. Currently Dr. Angel is looking for young artists that can make songs about something positive and appeal to the youth. “Have To Do” is now available on YouTube and SoundCoud.



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