Pariz Noir – Lust

Dark R&B artist Pariz Noir explores short-term relationships with new single “Lust”

MIAMI, FL – Mysterious and melodic with silky smooth vocals, Pariz Noir is creating music unlike anything else in the game right now. Her unique style could be described as an electronic sound that leans towards the R&B side. Evoking an enigmatic and dark mood reminiscent of early music by The Weeknd and singer-songwriter 6lack, Pariz Noir is bringing out music this year that signals a new direction for the artist. This year’s singles, “Las Olas” and “Lust,” reflect how much her music has evolved since the release of her “Darkroom” EP two years ago.

“Las Olas,” originally released in 2019, was Pariz’s first release after “Darkroom.” The song had been recorded in a studio she had used before with her old producer. Then she found a new studio in Miami and decided to record the track again. “I wanted a fresh start,” Pariz said. “I decided to re-record the song because this was a new stepping stone after Darkroom.” “Las Olas” was re-released two months ago, and its superior sound and refined vocals are gaining a lot of traction on digital platforms.

Noir, who has been seriously making her own music for about four years now, described her Alternative/R&B EP, “Darkroom,” as portraying herself alone in that dark room with her feelings, thoughts and emotions. Feeling vulnerable and in a dark place, Pariz’s tone is sadder since she used the music as a way to express some of the physical and emotional challenges that she was going through at the time.

“Las Olas” and the new single, “Lust”, represent the next realm of Pariz’s journey. Now, she is over the pain and concentrating on learning and bettering herself and her new attitude is reflected in her recent music.

“Lust,” also recorded in the new Miami studio, is due to be released on April 10, 2020. It promises great improvements on the technical side as well as the practical side — the recording quality is improved and her lyrics and tone are less melancholy. A storytelling about sexual encounters, “Lust” is about how one person, who is focused on her music and career, cannot get involved in a long-term relationship. Even though the other person wants a serious relationship, she understands the situation — their only option for a relationship is a short-term sexual one.

“Las Olas” and “Lust” give Pariz Noir a strong foundation of fresh work to build on. She now has four new songs that go really well together, and she looks forward to releasing another EP. At the moment, Pariz is getting back to learning the keyboards, always focusing on the music. “That’s all I care about!”

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