Nvrland, the hotshot up and comer in R&B circles, just dropped the extended edition of ‘Sorry for Projecting,’ taking the global R&B scene by storm. This musical masterpiece, already making waves for its soulful beats and real talk lyrics, now serves up an even more immersive ride for fans.

The extended edition lays down extra tracks, diving deep into Nvrland’s signature sound, pushing the boundaries of today’s R&B game. Each track invites listeners on an emotional journey, showcasing Nvrland’s unmatched talent and musical finesse.

‘Sorry for Projecting’ has been turning heads since day one, earning Nvrland a solid fan base and major street cred. The extended version not only amps up the success but drops a fresh vibe, making sure both day-one fans and newcomers can vibe to Nvrland’s musical evolution.

Get on it – the extended ‘Sorry for Projecting’ is now live on all major music streaming spots. Nvrland’s hustle keeps him ahead in the R&B game, and this latest drop cements his status as the one to watch.