Newark, New Jersey’s Very Own & Community Leader Mr. Hubb Drops Video to “Legacy” ft. Penelope

After releasing the new single online for “Legacy”, ft. Penelope, Mr. Hubb finally drops the new visual. This fan favorite garnered much buzz online due to its positive message.
Enjoy below

“The “Legacy” Music Video is an emotional journey and tribute to the Heroes and Sheroes of me and Penelope’s family, communities and neighborhood celebrities who touched our hearts.  Some of our Legends, although not classified as celebrities to the rest of the world but they were so precious to our lives. They gave of themselves so much that they have left an immeasurable value and impact on the lives of so many that will forever treasure them leaving their “Memories on Repeat” in our minds now that they are no longer with us in physical form .  Oftentimes, we get so invested in the lives of the celebrities we don’t even know but love immensely, that when they are taken from us it hurts just as much as our own friends and family.  Even as a mental health advocate, I struggle with loss.  Since the pandemic, I have lost 32 Legends in my life who have mentored me, protected me, raised me and/or shared my life in more ways than one. They have also left a void that never truly seems to heal.  I appreciated their existence in my world with the same being true to the celebrities like Whitney, Kobe & GiGi, to DMX, Moe 3 and Bernie Mac who we also paid homage to in this visual masterpiece. We wanted to color in the picture that anyone who impacts your life can leave a “Legacy” for us all to remember them by! “