Nahvi Recruits All-Star Team For New Release ‘Keep On Movin’

Hailing from Indianapolis, Nahvi is an up-and-coming producer that has erupted onto the scene over the past year. This groundbreaking individual fuses classic hip-hop components with soul, jazz, and gospel, while throwing multi-cultural drums into the mix. With all these different genres meshed into one unique sound, Nahvi’s possibilities as an artist are endless.

After starting to learn piano at a young age, Nahvi has been influenced by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, John Coltrane, and Pharrell. His piano expertise turned into high-level DJing at some of the top venues in the area, eventually progressing into music production and the launch of Nahvi’s project.

With his eclectic utilization of sampling and rhythm, Nahvi’s debut EP “Nahvi Made It” garnered over 100k streams on Soundcloud. Following a six-month hiatus, Nahvi is back with his single “Keep On Movin”, a single that stems from the upcoming second volume of “Nahvi Made It”. This track has a soothing piano-fueled tone and infectious lyrics that leave listeners filled with hope and inspiration.

The story behind the release begins with Nahvi having another late night in the studio with DKdoitall, Gerk Major, and Gerk’s brother Twirk. As the friends were laughing and sharing stories about life, Nahvi was musically stimulated to make “Keep On Movin”. Joining in on the project, the rest of the group added vital sound elements, finishing the song in one night. Even though “Keep On Movin” did not take long to create, it is an auditory masterpiece that showcases each contributor’s artistic genius.

Stream it.