Nahvi & DK Drops Classic Hip Hop Album In ‘Wait Til’ Friday’

After accumulating 100,000 streams on Spotify, the Nahvi, DK, and Gerk Major come together to release a new album that celebrates the 50 years of game-changing greatness, titled Wait Til’ Friday. Eight songs, the project appreciates the iconic time period of the art with their own twist and capitalize on their recent explosion on the mainstream landscape. The trio mix style, signature sound, and combine it with new wave that makes for their best work yet.

An album, unlike another, Nahvi, DK, and Gerk Major, tells a story about the legacy of an unexpected studio session where everything aligned. Celebrating the golden era of hip-hop and R&B, the album is a beautiful synergy of the past, present, and future of hip-hop, promising listeners a journey they won’t soon forget. The project showcases the seasoned finesse of hip-hop producer Nahvi and the dynamic vocal prowess of DK.

The latest release is a collaboration of recent hits by the duo alongside Gerk Major. Wait Til’ Friday appreciates classic hip-hop that has made today’s culture the most influential in the world with the infusion of impactful elements, including soul, jazz, African production, and more over Latin American heritage. From beginning to end, Nahvi and DK deliver traditional lyricism that separates them from the rest of today’s hip-hop. The duo pays homage to the history of the art on breakout tracks “Put It On,” “Mr. Me Too,” and “I Don’t Mind.”

The new project is the perfect origin point for newfound fans to hop on the artists’ bandwagon as they sit comfortably on the launch pad as the next breakout new artists in today’s hip hop. Individually, Nahvi, DK, and Gerk Major are the hottest prospects in the current landscape, with the amount of attention from fans and executives eager to capitalize on the popularity. Wait Til’ Friday sets up the highly-anticipated solo projects from all three individuals on the way to the rest of 2023.

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