[Music] Darryl P – “Naked”

Music is an outburst of the soul. Music is what “Feelings” sound like. Music has the ability to convey what cannot be expressed. Rising R&B artist Darryl P creates musical murals with his songs. He has a mature soul with a contemporary attitude. Darryl P approaches every note with fearless class. His voice is pure and authentic. The multi-talented singer was influenced by such musical superstars as Jamie Foxx, Luther Vandorss, Chris Brown and the late Nipsey Hussle.

Darryl P has definitely beaten the odds and he has prevailed. He is no stranger to life’s hard lessons, which has taught him to be triumphant when obstacles are placed in his path. The relentless crooner is wise beyond his years. He puts his heart and soul into every track. His songs are like musical diaries; they convey an element of “truth” and “realness.” Darryl P has carved out a distinct sound which is devoid of pretension, yet rich in insight, loyalty and family.

His energetic drive and outgoing personality enabled him to showcase his amazing stage presence at many different venues around the country. Darryl P demonstrates his expressive storytelling ability, unforgettable melodies and tantalizing vocals on his new single, “Naked.” He is unequivocally honest with his lyrics. The song is sexy and alluring. The single is sure to appeal to fans of R&B/Pop music around the globe. Respect the grind and join the movement.

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