[Mixtape] Clay James x A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth – Southern Playas Vol.2 | @WhoIsClayJames @PimpSweetTooth @PlayasClubMG

PCMG’s Clay James & A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth link up to release “Southern Playas Vol.2” mixtape available on all digital streaming platforms. The rap duo released Vol.1 of this mixtape series back in 2015. And it was wiped off the internet right before signing a deal with Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle Records imprint. The project was an Atlanta underground scene classic, it spawned the group’s signature song “Southern Playa Shit” which is currently spinning on BET Jams every day. Southern Playas Vol.2 was executively produced by Chris Walker and engineered by Eric Noel Sr and Ontreal Bowers. It features Suni Mf, Gold Griffith, Benzo, & Jo Jo The Game God. This project is closed out by a story telling collaboration between legendary DJ Shakim and Clay James.

Stream on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1fZcz7bFavOvFREgFckJL7?si=C3UP79ywQKCpUE8IX4IAew

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