Mister Motivation Unveils Deluxe Version of ‘The Audio Collection’

Including brand new songs “Acting Different” featuring Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow contestant Beanz as well as “The Bunker,” public speaker turned Hip-Hop spoken word artist Mister Motivation delivers the ‘Deluxe Version’ of his Summer 2022 body of work ‘The Audio Collection.’ Written and composed by M.M., Keith Jones, Joshua Beltre, and Sir Dominique Jordan, the project was production’s duties were handled by Blair The MACHINE and fellow Pennsylvania based creative Terian Mack.

A dedicated husband, father, and active member of his community, M.M.’s philanthropic endeavors has earned him mentions on CBS News, The New York Post, and USA Today. With the prestige those respected media looks bring they pale in comparison to being commended by former First Lady of The United States’ Michelle Obama for his work with Teach For America.

From his humble beginnings in the heart of Barbados to the mean streets of Brooklyn, where he would later join the military, Shaun T. Murphy pka Mister Motivation is perseverance personified. Despite the amazing growth he gained from his service in the Army, within three months of transitioning to the civilian world and beginning his new life as a Veteran, he found himself homeless, broke and having the need to make another massive move in his life before it was too late. Thus began Shaun’s transformation into M.M., and the creation of the 5M’s that have not only changed his life, but has also impacted the countless lives of those who have heard him speak and taken his five-week ‘Wake The Beast’ course.

His high-level energy and stylish presentations uniquely combine his music and spoken word poetry into his motivational speeches, leaving crowds of all sizes cheering and shouting for more. During his motivational speeches he shares his story, along with the steps, systems and strategies he used to wake up, rise up, and level up in life. Today, Shaun owns several very successful businesses, releases motivational music, and has collaborated with top curriculum experts to develop an online personal development curriculum.

Experience the Deluxe Version of ‘The Audio Collection’ on your DSP of choice via United Masters below and purchase it directly on M.M.’s website.