Mar – Dont Wanna Know

Louisiana Rapper “Mar” delivers real and relevant music that arouses feelings

OPELOUSAS, LA – “Mar” (born Jamar Richard) is a hot young artist from Louisiana. The talented rapper’s musical style touches on many different genres, while his lyrical flow showcases his versatility. Dubbed “King of that Raw” by a mentor over three years ago, Mar proves his worthiness with each creation. “Every time I write a song or make something, I want to make sure that name fits me. I don’t want to drop anything that’s not nice. I make sure people hear it and say “That’s RAW!”, Mar said.

This authentic rapper is keeping it real, using music as therapy to let out all of his feelings and emotions. Listeners feel the full effect of his emotions in his songs, such as “Don’t Wanna Know” and “No Friends.”

Recorded in Dream Studios in Lafayette, LA in 2018, Mar shot the music video for “Don’t Wanna Know” in Opelousas last year. It has a chill groove that you can lay back and vibe to. Talking about being in a relationship, experiencing the pain of being heartbroken, and having friends you need to back away from, the song expresses the attitude that “If it’s going to hurt me, I don’t wanna know.”

Mar’s song, “No Friends” is a turn up song that touches the listener. Hearing the difference from song to song, listeners will still feel the emotions through each track. “I want you to feel every line, not just one,” Mar said. “I want you to feel every word I say.”

Versatile and unpredictable, every song from Mar is a unique creation. Using carefully selected beats and powerfully written lyrics inspired by people around him, Mar promises that “every song I drop will be different from the last.” The artist continued “people are gonna feel this. They’re gonna like this. I know what people like so I gotta give them what they want.” Mar’s new and older music is available across all the major digital platforms.

Even though he is only 21 years old, Mar has been making music for about ten years now. When he was young, he realized that he had a gift which he wasn’t using. Getting into music for the first time at 12 years old, he recorded his first song when he was around 18. Once he experienced working in a professional studio for the first time at 19, he never looked back. Mar got seriously involved in music three years ago. His diverse taste leads him to listen to music from several eras in many genres, but artists who inspired him to reach his full potential would include Tupac, Big L and Big Daddy Kane.

Mar has previously released several mixtapes and singles, and work has begun on his official debut album. With all his beats ready to go, Mar will likely drop the 10 to 12 track project, “If You Laughed At My Failures, Laugh At My Success” later this year.

He might have been taking it slow a few years ago, but now Mar is ready to chase his dreams at full speed. Music listeners will witness this determined young man’s continued development into the next big thing! “Once I get in the door, ain’t nobody kicking me out!”

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