Lourdiz ft. Lil GotIt – “Suicide Down” (Video)

L.A. songbird Lourdiz made quite the introduction early 2020 with her breakout single, “I’m Pissed“. Today, she makes a quick turnaround with her next big hit in “Suicide Down”. For the emotional rollercoaster, Lourdiz takes a trip to The A and nabs ATLien Lil GotIt to kick some street knowledge for the haters.

Directed by Brian Lipko, the trippy visual takes us through the up and downs that come with the hustle but you have to always stay the course. While Lil GotIt accompanies the star on the rise with the natural trendy look. Lourdiz is electric from beginning to end, showcasing serious vocal range, catchy lyrics and fun-loving sing-a-long hook. And with an extreme subject matter, Lourdiz creatively releases a single that is not only radio-friendly but destined to sit at the top of the charts.

Lourdiz on the “Suicide Down”:

“Suicide Down is about extremes. Life’s all ups and downs and you have to keep hustling to get to where you wanna go. When we were coming up with ideas for the video it was important to me to have trees in there. For me, they symbolize peace and my home life out of the city back in San Antonio when shit was peaceful.”

After you watch “Suicide Down,” stream the new song today on Spotify, courtesy of Lourdizmusic. Want to follow Lourdiz journey, become a follower on Twitter for daily updates.

Lil GotIt appears on the collaboration courtesy of Alamo Records.

Take a listen to “Suicide Down” below.