Lil X Is A Young Teen Putting Major Numbers Up All On His Own

Lil X is a young rapper hailing from Texas looking to go global. With 2020 just a month or 2 away, Lil X took some time out to speak on his future, 2019 and his music past/present. With his streams in the hundreds of thousands across the board, Lil X is a new age rapper who is utilizing social media and the internet to his advantage. A mix between lyrical and Rolling Loud mosh pit, Lil X is a creative rapper looking to lead the new generation of young artists to the promise land. Take a look below!

What should your fans expect as a follow up to “New Kid On The Block”? A new project? Single? Videos?

Most likely a single next year.

Most likely a single and a video.

Have you ever been on tour? Any shows coming up?

Never been on tour but would love the experience and I have some shows but they are ways away.

Do you believe you have found your sound yet or still perfecting it?

Yes of course and I think each artist is the same and you will never know your sound until a song blows you up.

Any tattoos? Face tattoo coming soon?

haha I’m unsure now being 16 soon 17 but maybe in the future.

You have a good mix of lyrics, raps and the ability to keep it modern in your raps, where did that ability come from?

It’s always been a thing I’ve had. I grew up rapping and Im sticking with it until I cant.

Are there any other rappers like you?

I wouldn’t say so but the closest would be Lil Pump probably

Most young rappers I feel are trying to sound like the next A Boogie, what makes you stand out?

Im different in every way. Hair , style , and even sound. I’m not a wanna be, I am next.

Where do you think your sound derived from? Did it take a while to get to where you are in in your raps?

My sound and image is from my music I can be listening to young thug then Mozart. I listen to everything from Billie Eilish, although country is where I don’t go I just don’t vibe with country as much.

If you haven’t already, take a listen to Lil X well received 2019 project “New Kid on the Block”